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Home Sweet Home!


August 12, 2012 – the 25th Anniversary of Glendale Lakes Phase-II 

Beginning of our subdivision:  In 1986 the developer Town & County commenced building the Glendale Lakes subdivision.  What was likely intended to be Glendale Lakes Townhomes community (some 550 units in all) ends up as a development divided in four independent associations and two masters associations (the swimming pool facilities).

Beginning of Glendale Lakes Townhome Association Phase-II: On July 27, 1987 Town & County recorded the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restriction of Glendale Lakes II Townhome Association and on August 12, 1987 the association was incorporated with the State of Illinois as Glendale Lakes Townhome Association, a non-for-profit organization.

The developer finished the construction of our 19 buildings (138 units, a mix of six and eight unit buildings) and transferred the control over the community to the homeowner’s board at the end of 1988.

In September of 1990 the Board of Directors amended the name of our association which became Glendale Lakes Townhome Association Phase-II, as it stands today.

Happy 25th Aniversary!

We hope this website and its contents are helpful to you.  It will allow you to access and download important information pertaining to Glendale Lakes, especially Phase-2 anytime you choose.  Simply left-click a link to view, download, print and/or save to your computer.

Continue to check back, as the website is updated regularly.  Look for the most current newsletter, Board of Directors meeting dates and times, as well as updates on rules and regulations for our community.
For more information you may also choose to utilize the resources the
Village of Glendale Heights provides regarding homeowners, ordinances and such…

The Board and Management of Glendale Lakes II.

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Residents living next to Glendale Lakes Golf-Club
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Rules and Regulations

These Rules and Regulations have been adopted to provide the Owners and Residents of Glendale Lakes Townhome Association Phase II with a practical plan for day-to-day living in Glendale Lakes subdivision. The Association’s goal is to maintain the property in a first class condition and to provide the owners and residents with Rules and Regulations governing their use and enjoyment of the property, their units and the Common Area.

A successful townhome association is a community of owners who share pride of home ownership. The duly elected Board of Directors is charged with administering these Rules and Regulations. Effective Rules and Regulations require the cooperation of all owners and residents of the property.

These Rules and Regulations are binding on all owners and residents of units, their guests and invitees.

The Board will continue working on amending the rule booklet. 
The most recent changes were approved by the board of directors at the April 2011 and amended in March of 2017 at regularly scheduled meeting of the board.  A current pdf is be available for viewing or download here.

Note: The Board of Directors has changed the Rules & Regulations on common area parking (what we are generally referring to as Guest Parking) which was mailed and included with your regular assessment statement of account for February 2017 and subsequent.  


Glendale Lakes Townhome Association Phase II is located in Glendale Heights, IL 60139.  There are 138 units in 19 buildings.

 Golfview Drive: 

1450-1460, 1462-1476, 1463-1477, 1479-1493, 1495-1509, 1500-1510, 1511-1521 & 1523-1533
 Golfview Court: 1500-1514, 1507-1517 & 1516-1530

 N. Golfview Court:                  
40-54, 41-55 & 56-66
 S. Golfview Court: 40-54, 41-55 & 57-71
 Eagle Court: 1440-1450 & 1452-1466
Scroll down for Mapquest directions and site map.


The monthly assessment is $230 in 2020-2021.  Assessments are due on the first of the month and are considered late after the 15th.  There is a $35 late fee for assessments received after the 15th.  Checks are to be made payable to Glendale Lakes Townhome Association Phase-2 and can be mailed to:

Glendale Lakes Townhome Association Phase-2 
PO Box 87317
Carol Stream IL 60188 

Accounts more than 60 days in arrears are turned over to collection. Once an account is in collection any legal fees incurred are added to the homeowner's account. Homeowners are encouraged to pay their assessments on time to avoid being sent to collection.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS:              


President: Robert Fitzgerald
Treasurer: Peter Rau-Stathakos
Secretary: Elizabeth Riggs
Director: Pierre Barba
Director: John (Jack) Kozar

Welcome to Glendale Lakes Townhome Association
Phase II.

The role of the President is as varied as overseeing operations to speaking for the Board and Association to seeking knowledge on the latest issues affecting the community, working with professionals and protecting the assets, but the primary roles are leader and manager.  Different situations will determine which role the association president assumes, setting aside other such roles as neighbor or friend to accomplish a task or make a decision.  It may be a lonely place—at the top.


The role of the Secretary and Treasurer is for preserving the association’s history, maintaining its records, and protecting it from liability.  The role of Treasurer is maintaining finances and ensuring financial stability.

For any management related services, questions and business requirements of Glendale Lakes Townhome Association Phase-II you may contact via...
Phone: 1-630-456-4381 or Email: GlendaleLakes2@gmail.com with your inquiries.

Upcoming Phase II Board Meetings:

Listed below are the remaining meeting(s) scheduled for 2021.  Prior to attending a meeting, please refer to your monthly assessment statement to confirm the meeting will take place.  Occasionally, board meetings are cancelled.
 Next meeting date: 
Thursday June 24, 2021 starting at 6:30pm as posted!

They are via online meeting and/or by telephone confrencing; or held at the Glenside Public Library during the winter months or across the street during the summer at the Glendale Lakes Golf Club, club house

1550 President Street, Glendale Heights IL 60139.
**  **

Newsletters: Stay apprised of information going on in your community by reading the newsletters.  They are usually sent with your monthly statements. 

The Board and management developed the following guide to assist homeowners in identifying who (association or homeowner) is responsible for the upkeep, repair, or replacement of the items listed.  An “X” in the appropriate column denotes who is responsible.  Refer to the Glendale Lakes Townhome Association Phase II Declaration, or the Rules & Regulations booklet for specific details, including any type of modification to the exterior of your unit, where prior Board approval is required.  The guide may be updated occasionally, should the responsibility of a specific line item change for any reason.

2010 pool opening...

Pool Information:   Opening for the 2021 Season over the Memorial Day weekend!


That said; with Covid19 still impacting operations this schedule is subject to change per the pool managing company, however in principle the following is what you may expect as typical.

HOURS OF OPERATION: June, end of August with abbreviated hours following the high school schedule:

Saturday-Sunday 10AM-8:30PM, July 4th and Labor Day; 11AM-8PM

Monday—Friday 12—8PM

Abbreviated hours: 4-8PM and closures for inclement weather or at the discretion of management.

The Board of Directors

Glendale Lakes Umbrella Association

For any services, requests such as pool pass, questions and business requirements of Umbrella (pool) you may contact:
Phone: 1-630-456-4381 or Email: GlendaleLakesUmbrella@gmail.com with your inquiries.

Management Services of Glendale Lakes Umbrella at the information provided above.

For meeting dates and related information please review the recent mailing: the most recent, held at the pool, on May 25th... 

**The pool may on occasion be closed and/or hours of operation modified for among other; with temperatures below 68-degrees fahrenheit, inclement weather, mechanical failures and the like - at the discretion of the association, its agent(s) or the vendor charged with pool operations at our facility.

Umbrella - Information Form

Landscaping Highlights

Our landscaper will performed or will complete the following services in 2021:
  • Core aeration and gypsum application to be completed during May-June and again in October. Dormant oil for shrubs and trees anticipated in May-June.
  • Preventive applications of Diplodia and Zimmer moth treatments for our Pines started in May and will continue for this season.
  • In addition Japanese Beatle spray treatment shall be applied to all bushes.
  • Grub Control for the lawn area - ongoing.
  • Eco-Friendly chemical application to all shrubs, bushes and prefered(Japanese Beetle) trees to kill overwinter pests pending for 2021.
  • First trimming of the bushes (front of units) tentatively beginning June-July and rear of units, late July 2021. One more in late fall, early winter.
  • Grass seed in the apron areas and some overseeding in other areas is to be completed...
  • Usually, final leaf-cleanup will be in the third week of November or before - depending on the weather/season.
  • No new Mulch in 2021. However, you may anticipate such application for the coming year.

The Association vendor is anticipating continuing with our concrete project with the buildings located on Eagle Court some short time after the 4th of July weekend.
Notices will be posted once a start date is known.  As such, all residents with an Eagle Court address should look for appropriate notices as the scheduling becomes available.
Keep in mind this is weather permitting.

Monthly Auto Payment Assessment Request Form:

Are you tired of writing a check when paying for your monthly assessment to the Association? Would you like to save postage and have it automatically deducted each month from your bank account? If so, please complete the Auto Payment Request Form and send the management with a voided check. The Association does not charge for this service.

Auto Debit Request Form

Dog Waste Concerns:

Tired of watching some homeowners, residents or their guests not abiding by association rules? Do you often see a homeowner not pick up after their pet? If so, fill out a witness complaint form and send it to Management.

An unpleasant site!
Witness Complaint Form

Modification Request Forms:

Maybe you want to replace a window (or all), install a satellite dish, change some landscaping, etc? If you do, this needs to be requested in writing, which will then be voted on by the board at their next meeting. Double-click onto the item you want.  Make sure it is filled out completely. Then email the form to Management at glendalelakes2@gmail.com once completed and signed.

Landscape Improvement/Modification Form
Architectural Modification Form 2020

COI(Certificate Of Insurance) - Requests...

The following is available by contacting: 
The insurance carrier of Glendale Lakes Townhome Association Phase II;

Name of Company:       State Farm Insurance – Agent Matt Halko

Address:                       6655 Main Street, Ste 202, Downers Grove, IL 60516

Phone:                          1-630-969-7989

Therefore if a COI(Certificate of Insurance) is sought please contact the Agent at the contact information above directly with the owner(s) name, full - legal unit address and other relevant information.

Homeowner Information Sheets:

In accordance with the Association's governing documents, all homeowners are to provide the Association with updated homeowner information at all times.  This information is typicaly requested by the Association on an annual basis.  This information is for emergentcy contact purposes only - management's use.  It is especially important this information is on file should management need to contact you for an emergency issue or to gain entry into your unit (i.e. fire alarm issue, plumbing break/leak, etc.).  If you have not provided management with this information, or if you need to update your mailing address, contact #'s, etc. click on the Homeowner Information Sheet to access the form.

Off site Owners:  In accordance with the Association's governing documents, any homewoner who leases their unit must submit a copy of a current lease.  A current lease must be on file at all times.  Failure to comply to this rule may result in fines levied against your assessment account.

Owner/Resident Information Sheet

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